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A baseline for the zero waste challenge

Creating a baseline for waste reduction

My eyes were opened last year on how many things were recyclable. I was astonished by how many things I thought were able to be recycled and how many items I was throwing into the garbage… Check out this guide to learn more about what goes in the bin or thrown out.

To learn more about the waste our family creates, I figured it would be best to weigh everything, including recycling. The total weigh-in for our depot trip:

0.10lbs misc plastic

19.2lbs glass

1.10lbs refundable items

1lb of cardboard

0.05lbs of paper

5.4lbs cans/plastic/nonrefundable cartons

8.24lbs garbage

35lbs of total waste

What is shocking about all of the weigh-ins, this doesn’t include the food waste!! April is going to be one heck of a challenge.


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