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A Few Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Holiday feasting can get out of hand if you have a serious difficulty with self-control…

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and I want to share some strategies to control those undesired impulses!

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to prevent gaining weight over the holidays so that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste!

A plate full of tasty fries. A big temptation for binge eating.

1. Eat sequentially

Although the human stomach was designed to digest nearly anything, various nutrients are chemically processed in different areas of the digestive tract.

As a result, eating your nutrients in order at each meal may help you feel more satisfied, as well as enhance your digestion and gut health.

Simply put, while you’re eating holiday food, start with the carbs and vegetables, then move on to the protein and fat sources.

But don’t worry if the foods on the table combine all of the nutrients. Simply chew your food for a longer period of time to make your stomach’s job easier.

2. Eat plenty of protein and fat

You must be satiated and not think about food if you want to prevent overeating.
That, of course, can only be accomplished by consuming high-quality proteins and healthy fats.

However, the most satiating food you can eat is…

A colander filled with sliced baked potatoes

3. Eat potatoes

Yes, you heard it: If there are potatoes on the holiday dinner table, don’t be scared to mix them in with whatever else you’re eating.

This will promote satiety and make it significantly less likely that you will overeat and gain weight as a result.

To Wrap It Up

Managing your holiday eating habits doesn’t have to be difficult, nor do you have to gain excess weight.

Stay active, stay mindful, and if you happen to eat more food – Use that energy!

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