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Thursday thoughts

Thursday thoughts

Fight the dragon in its lair

One of the many great lectures that I have listened to from Jordan Peterson involved the concept of fighting the dragon before it comes to your village. During this particular class, Jordan shares a story of a child named Billy, Billy has discovered a dragon in his room which is about the size of a cat and shares this discovery with his Mother who says there is no such thing as dragons. Billy decides to ignore the dragon and believe his mother, what happens next is the dragon grows and grows until it is so big that it can no longer be hidden in the house. At this point, his mother has no choice but to acknowledge the fact the dragon is real and to her surprise, it shrinks back to its kitten size after she accepts this.

I interpreted this as you have to stop procrastinating. So many of us, myself included but things on the “the back burner” and tell ourselves that we will get to it. What happens, from my experience is that these responsibilities that we are ignoring start to compound in the most negative way possible and become such a beast that it has the potential to take us out.

So my question to you is, what responsibilities are you ignoring? It could be one of many things, your fitness, your finances, your job, your family, and the list can go on. Only you can look in the mirror and have an honest conversation with yourself about what you are avoiding and confronting it.

My suggestion for today is if you have to fight a dragon, go to it’s lair before it comes to your village.

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