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It’s that time again #75hard

It's that time again! #75hard

It has been quite a year and if your health and fitness have been anything like mine, you may need a hard reset to get yourself back in gear and 75 hard is the way to do it. I was to be blunt, mess up on any of these and you start back at day one! On my first attempt, it ended up being a 100+ challenge lol!

What is 75hard?

It’s time to prepare for something you have never experienced before. This is not only going to test you physically but also mentally. First things first!

Stick to a diet!!

You can never out-exercise a bad diet, so this is why we start here. This can look very different for many people but what I believe is most important is that you stick to something that you can manage and fits your lifestyle! I have personally decided to switch to a completely vegan diet. That’s right, no meat and no dairy so stay tuned for my suggestions on what to eat while going through the challenge.

Work out 2x a day for at least 45 minutes (1 must be outside)

Listen, this is 2x a day, not 1 hour and 30 minutes, this is 2x a day for 45 minutes. If you need to just walk for 45 minutes in the morning or night, that counts! Don’t think you have to do 2 a days in the gym like some sort of Arnold Schwarzenegger, 45 minutes outside walking the dog works and 45 mins inside throwing some weights is a win.

Drink a gallon of water

Yes, you read that right. 1 gallon of water!!! No cheating and to make it easy, it’s 128 oz of water from your shaker bottle, so 6 and a bit.

Read 10 pages a day of a nonfiction book

No cheating on this one, 50 shades of grey doesn’t count as reading ;)! Shoot me an email if you need some suggestions FYI, audio books don’t count.

Take a progress picture daily

This can be super awkward but it’s totally worth it! You can see how you looked at the beginning and see how amazing you look at the end of the challenge. This is part of the deal, so don’t ignore it.

No alcohol

This can be hard for a fair amount of people but this was the silver bullet for me! I went from 177 lbs to 160 through this challenge and I give cutting out the booze was the key for me.

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