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Men’s mental health tips

Some quick tips for your mental health

I have been guilty on more than one occasion when it comes to ignoring my own mental health.

Being active

This one is so easy to ignore and push off but I’d highly recommend that you make an intention to be active in any capacity. Even doing 30 minutes of activity has HUGE benefits which include:

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Sharper memory
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Stronger resilience

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine (pronounced doh-pa-meen) and endorphins (en-door-fins) in your brain that make you feel happy. Not only is your brain dumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious.

A big tip would be to place your shoes and workout gear right at your bedroom door so you can’t ignore it!

Eat Healthier

Guess what?! What you put into your body matters. Jordan Peterson recommends eating a high protein and high-fat breakfast early in the morning to get things going right. Jim Kwik also has a high-fat smoothie for breakfast. One is a clinical psychologist and the other trains people how to learn faster.

Trying to eat as many veggies and fruits, as you can handle, is also a nice suggestion! Another great idea is taking out processed foods, these tend to have a high-calorie intake and be nutritionally weak, so yeah… probably skip those Big Macs.

Get a Good Sleep

I can’t stress this one enough!!! Trying to be some superhero and only sleep 5 hours will do more harm than good. Tons of scientific studies prove that getting around 8 hours of sleep can help improve performance physically, but also mentally. Think about those times you get super agitated or irritated at work, I can almost bet it was because you didn’t have enough shuteye.

Talk to somebody

I know from personal experience it can be hard to reach out to somebody when you are going through a rough time, but trust me it can be the decision that could save your life. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing with friends or family there are tons of options out there for free counselling or more affordable alternatives. To name a few off the top of my head in Kelowna:

CMHA Kelowna

Here to help

Connect Counselling

I hope this helps you with your mental health journey and if you ever want to chat please email me at


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