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Never Split the difference

Chapter 1 – the new rules

Just to let you know… this book is AMAZING! I made a commitment to myself to read 1 speaking or negotiating book a month and I just happened to stumble across an ad for Chris Voss’s Masterclass and was instantly sold on buying his book.


Chapter 1 touches on what the book will go over and a few interesting pieces of information about the author’s past and thoughts on negotiation. Chris speaks about how the “old school negotiation” boiled down to using brute force to get your point across. One hostage negotiation in 1971 forced the hand of change because an agent lost his patience and shot out an engine of a plane that was grounded, from there the hijacker became agitated and killed hostages, including himself. All of the blame fell squarely on the FBI and their tactics.

Just so you know… everything in life is a negotiation

From wanting a raise

A deal on a car

Having your child go to bed at a certain time

I look forward to sharing everything I have learned over the next few weeks with you!

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