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What I’ve learned so far from #75Hard

What I have learned so far from going through #75Hard

First of all

What is #75Hard?!

It is hard work

It’s not easy getting up early, telling your friends no to a happy hour drink, and working out for 75 days straight but the results are worth it. Another thing… be true to your word, halfway through the #75Hard I had to acknowledge that I had a cheated by eating cake on my birthday and had to RESET on day 30!!! I could have easily just added a day or not said a thing, but integrity is important to me and I hope it is to you.

It might look intimidating when you take a look at the tasks you need to complete throughout the day. You may even think, how the h**l am I supposed to do all this in a day on top of all the things I need to do. To help answer this I’d like to share with you what I learned during the #75Hard challenge.

  • ¬†You live and die by your schedule – can’t find time? You have a scheduling problem and you should start putting everything in your calendar, you will notice you have open space to get this done!
  • Get up early. I know it sucks… I don’t like getting up at 4:00 am but know it gives me the ability to get everything done without interruptions. Take a look at how the 5 AM club could change your life.
  • Follow a workout routine. There is a ton of great apps out there, the one I am using is called My Transphormation and has a ton of cool features which includes a daily workout plan.
  • Find support. See if a friend, co-worker, or partner who is willing to join you on the #75Hard journey. If you can’t find anyone you can always join my workout group!


Daily Rules

Follow a diet

Follow a diet! Anything works as long as your intention is to follow one that is congruent with your goals. I personally followed a vegetarian diet that was easy to maintain and had some tasty options.

2x 45 minute workouts

I found this one EXTREMELY difficult. If I can suggest anything, it would be to stick by a schedule and get up earlier than you normally would. The day can quickly fly by and you will find yourself doing two workouts… the great things is you have until midnight to complete the workouts¬†yell!

No alcohol or cheat meals

This one was easy for me. Some people might find this one difficult, my big suggestion would be to cut back on social events or people who might trigger your temptation to drink.

Take a progress picture

Pretty self-explanatory here. Just take a daily picture of yourself, front, back, and side. At first, you won’t see a noticeable difference but once you compare day 1 to day 75… you will be impressed.

Drink 1 gallon of water

If you’re not drinking enough water, today is the day you start! I highly recommend using an app to track your water intake and there are tons of free options out there. I used Plant Nanny when I wasn’t tracking my macros.

10 pages of reading

Make sure to read 10 pages of a non-fiction book, something that excites you and helps move you forward in business or life. Make sure to check the blog for my top 5 suggestions.

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