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What’s The Best Diet – Vegan, Keto, Carnivore

Different types of dietary regimens have gained favour in the fitness world over the years, claiming to be beneficial for a range of purposes.

The ketogenic diet, for example, has become popular for weight loss, while the vegan diet has gained popularity due to the alleged health benefits of avoiding animal products.

There are other popular diets, but in this post, we’ll compare three of the most popular: the Ketogenic, Vegan, and Carnivore diets.

Continue reading if you’re just learning about healthy nutrition and aren’t sure which option is ideal.

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What Makes A Good Nutrition Plan?

Unfortunately, many of the self-proclaimed “gurus” that market these diets, claim that such an approach to nutrition may have supreme benefits over other types of diet.

However, the truth is that the exclusion of a certain nutrient, or focusing on a specific food group won’t really hack your way to progress…

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that these diets can’t be beneficial.

The MOST IMPORTANT element in an efficient nutrition plan is its sustainability, or how well you can stick to it. When on a diet, ask yourself, “Can I stick to this in the long run or does it feel like torture?”

If you’re eating keto but can’t really tolerate it, why do it in the first place?

Now let’s take a look at each of the three nutrition techniques and analyse their benefits and drawbacks.

Carnivore Diet

This first nutrition strategy is one of the most popular right now, and there’s a good reason for that.

As we lived in hunter-gatherer societies for a long time, proponents of the carnivore diet believe that we evolved to this level with the help of nutrient-dense animal food sources.

These were the foods that improved satiety and provided needed nutrients for the human species’ complex growth.

Animal goods, such as meat and organs, are at the heart of this diet, as the name implies.

Though the carnivore diet is comparable to the ketogenic diet in terms of protein and fat content, it differs in that it allows for the consumption of high-quality carb sources such as fruits and root crops.

Pros: Highly satiating, abundant in essential nutrients

Cons: Quality meat is expensive, you can’t consume grains and vegetables

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet, like the carnivore diet, emphasises fat and protein as the primary sources of calories.

The name ‘ketogenic’ derives from the metabolic condition of ‘ketosis,’ in which the body burns fat for energy. (Fat is converted to ketone bodies in the liver, which are then released into the bloodstream and consumed for energy)

People on weight-loss programmes or those attempting to balance their blood sugar levels have given this diet a lot of excellent feedback.

However, one of its main drawbacks is that it doesn’t have carbs, which means that athletic performance may decrease as a result.

This will promote satiety and make it significantly less likely that you will overeat and gain weight as a result.

Pros: Highly satiating, plenty of quality protein and fats

Cons: Almost completely excludes carbs (worse athletic performance), doesn’t allow sweets, is not so flexible, may be hard and expensive to stick to

To Wrap It Up

Managing your holiday eating habits doesn’t have to be difficult, nor do you have to gain excess weight.

Stay active, stay mindful, and if you happen to eat more food – Use that energy!

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