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I’m Stephen! Welcome to my weekly blog

Your one-stop for everything related to being vegan, self-development, and mental health. Feel free to check out the blog for useful tips and tricks.

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Have thought of changing over to a plant-based lifestyle or need more information? The road to being vegan has its ups and downs, you will have to explain where you get your protein, among many other things. Make sure to check out the links below to get some information on the benefits of making the shift to being vegan.

TED Talks – Why I’m a weekday vegetarian Graham Hill
Plant Based News
Game Changers Movie

Recognizing Your Full Potential
Living up to your true potential gives you a sense of fulfilment, and Aristotle claims that we all have the potential to be great in his book The Nicomachean Ethics. He believes that realising one's potential is the key to living a truly happy and fulfilling life,...
How much protein should I consume?
Have you ever considered how critical it is to meet your daily protein requirements? Do you have any idea how much protein you should eat, how can you get enough in your diet, and how often should you eat it? Continue reading to learn the answers to these and other...
What Impact Does Your Diet Have on Your Mental Health?
Eating well is beneficial not only to your physical health but also to your appearance and skin. It can also help you become more responsive, aware, and focused on what matters most to you.But what is the relationship between food and mental health? Let's see what we...
What’s The Best Diet – Vegan, Keto, Carnivore
Different types of dietary regimens have gained favour in the fitness world over the years, claiming to be beneficial for a range of purposes. The ketogenic diet, for example, has become popular for weight loss, while the vegan diet has gained popularity due to the...